Keller, TX ~ August 7th, 2010

Keller, TX ~ August 7th, 2010
The "eight of us" together w/ our NEW babies after our losses...

Living Proof ~ June 13th, 2009 ~ Pittsburgh, PA ~ Beth Moore

Deeper Still ~ June 28th, 2008

Deeper Still ~ June 28th, 2008
The "eight of us" w/ Beth Moore (w/ empty arms)...

Friday, February 27, 2009

He's here!!! He's here!!!

Baby Boy Coppo
Friday, February 27, 2009
8 lbs 8 ozs
20 inches
9:55 AM
Check back for updates, pics and details.
And as of yet...he still is un-named!
We're working on it!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In less than 10 hours...

In less than ten hours I pray to hear the lungs of my fourth born child. I pray to see a pudgy pink face and body lifted above that blue curtain. I pray for a healthy baby boy!

Tomorrow is the day. I still feel pretty sick but my spirits are high. Dominic and Mya seem to be just fine, as neither of them even really knew they were sick in the first place.

I managed to make it to the game last night and had an okay time. Would have been much more enjoyable if I felt better and were not 9 1/2 plus months pregnant. We bought the baby a Penguins pacifier w/ matching holder and a Penguins teether. And thanks to my dear friend/co-worker Christy we have the same items for when Steeler season rolls around again. Poor kid will be a fan of them all no matter what...! And that's not by my choice! Vinnie and Mya will brainwash him from the moment they can. To be honest I think there is some game (not sure what sport or even team for that matter - that is on tomorrow night that I heard Vinnie telling his Dad on the phone that he'll be watching it w/ his son)! See what I mean...he's not even here yet and dads making TV plans!

I am anxious and nervous. I wanna say more anxious. I pray for perfection and God's perfect will. I pray that this baby has zero complications, comes home and outlives me! Is that too much to ask for? Nothing is too much for my God!

I pray that I have zero complications, minimal pain and am able to take in every bit of this new blessing.

I pray that as soon as we see his sweet face that his name falls into place. Because you know we are still undecided!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. I will post as soon as I am able!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Minor Update and Prayer Requests...

I've been wanting to post sooner than now and wanting to give more of an update than this but have run into a few technical difficulties.

As of yesterday Mya has an ear infection.

As of this morning Dominic has strep throat.

And as for me...well I feel like death. I've got a headache, sore throat, heartburn that is causing me to throw up and now other intestinal discomforts. Needless to say I am quite miserable.

And to top it of this past Monday...we've been scheduled for a c-section this Friday.

Yes, not tomorrow but the next day.

I feel as if the devil is trying to steal our joy. I do not want to have to reschedule the surgery for Monday or thereafter. I want nothing more than to meet my baby boy. But I also want the strength and the energy to take care of him, to love him and to do all the things that I didn't get to do for and with my precious Eva.

I am trying to be seen today w/ my PCP for a rapid throat culture (Dominic's rapid was negative and over night turned positive). We'll see how that goes. I haven't seen my PCP in quite sometime and was really trying to avoid it at all costs.

Please pray for the health of our household. Please pray that Friday will remain "THE DAY" and please pray for our hearts as we enjoy our newest blessing from the Lord. Prayers for an uncomplicated delivery, no health issues for the baby nor I and for peace that surpasses all understanding as we anticipate that this experience will be different than our last.

I hope to post again before surgery.

I plan to post pictures as soon as I can on Friday.

And I hope to post a pic of this baby boys current dwelling place (boy am I big) as well as his post hospital stay dwelling place as well.

And as crappy as I currently feel...I hope to make it to tonight's Penguin game w/ Vinnie and the kids. We were offered 4 tickets from the Caring Place to view tonight's game from Sidney Crosby's suite. I'd hate to miss that! I haven't been to a hockey game in over 10 years...

Thank you for your continuous thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

37 wks & 1 day + Valentine's Day + Tina & Justin's Wedding = PRICELESS

Several shots of my hair...Thanks to Bella Capelli Academy...$15 and complementary make-up!!!

Different dress from the other bridesmaids...altered perfectly...from a ginormous size 24!!!

Me and my Mini-ME! ~ Dominic snuck out w/out getting in on the photo shoot... :(

Barbie and I.....I mean Tina and I!

My gentleman of a partner for the day! Thank you Lucas!
All in all a perfect day and night! Best wishes to the newlyweds! I love you both!
As for you, baby boy dwelling within...feel free to come any day, hour or minute now!
Thank you Lord that we've made it this far w/ baby boy still inside!
Now that the wedding is complete...I, we, are ready to go!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009



Bring that six pack back to SIXburgh boyz!

Showin some support...

I know this is not the update yinz (that's y'all in Pittsburgh slang) were looking for but I figured it's better than no post at all.
Just supporting the Steeler's (since the rest of my family are die hard fans).

These pictures are from 2006...yinz know, the last time we won the Superbowl...when we got the one for the thumb.

Mya will always be daddy's little girl and a...

Looking forward to our boyz bringin home that 6 pack from Tampa tonight!